Who you calling GIRLI?


“This is a safe space. No inappropriate touching, harassment or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated. Leave your bullshit at the door. We are all here to have fun… If you voted Brexit, please leave the building now. If you are a fuckboy and you’re out tonight, I have a message for you…”The opening speech for GIRLI’s gig got everyone cheering and screaming, before bursting into a chant of ‘FUCK YOU’’s for her opening song ‘Fuck Right Back Off To LA’. On first thought, this was definitely not the kind of show I was expecting to witness, but then again I wasn’t entirely sure what I expected. Bouncing about the stage in an all pink get up, GIRLI whose real name is Milly Toomey, showed she’s a positive and strong voice for the LGBTQ+ community.


Touching on sensitive topics such as social media and what comes along with that e.g. insecurities and comparison, as well as speaking on depression; helped her audience to relate and feel a sense of belonging within the venue.

Fellow artist DJ Kitty joined her on stage to form some sort of dynamic duo, and they performed the whole set together, bringing a tonne of energy and Butlins-esque vibes. Despite appealing to such a niche market, GIRLI proved that her JPOP/rap sound and strong feminist and political views go hand in hand and make for a really fun show.


Words by Elisha Cloughton
Photo by Michael Berkeley

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