Californian punk band SWMRS stormed our tiny Joiners stage for the fourth time last night, following support from Jerry Williams and her band. 

 With a mixture of light and heavier sounds, Jerry really showcased her musical ability, alongside her obviously natural talent for song writing. Raspy sounding guitars, and vocals that make for easy listening make quite the pair in this case, as she had the whole crowd focused on her performance. 

 Heartfelt songs about how hard life can get, which she performed solo, and an alcoholic she once met at a pub were amongst the set list; portraying her seemingly emotional personality. 


SWMRS made a loud and energetic entrance to the stage, immediately throwing a bottle of water over the crowd before they’d even started. They’re your typical punk band, with drums being a huge focus of the music despite there being four guitars in play. Loud, singalong vocals/lyrics also fit in with this stereotype, reminding me typically of Green Day (this was before I knew a member of the band was Billie Joe Armstrong’s son.) Songs that talk about other songs which remind you of the ‘wrong person’ make their tunes something almost everyone can resonate with, resulting in fans screaming the lyrics with the utmost honesty. 

 Again, being stereotypically punk, they have strong political views. Despite being from the USA, the band seemed particularly clued up on the state of the UK’s current political situation. Giving a ‘shout out’ to the Labour party more than once showed just what side Cole Becker is on, and towards the end of the gig he gave a small speech; “Rock’n’roll is not gonna solve your problems – it’s not gonna solve the UK, you’ve still got Brexit. It’s not gonna solve America, we’ve still got that fucking orangutan in office, but we can help you figure it out.” 


Towards the end of the gig, the band announced they were going to do one of their ‘unreleased bangers’, and almost immediately broke into their own version of Come on Eileen. Obviously, this was received extremely well with their fans, as I assume it would be with anyone that knows the song. It was everything you’d expect a good punk gig to be, and another ‘shout out’ to ‘Ricky Bates and The Joiners crew’ made it just that little bit better too. 

Words by Elisha Cloughton
Photo by JLawrence Photography

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