Polymath 8/5/18

A short German speech welcomed Poly Math on stage, amongst an attentive crowd whose eyes were all transfixed on the band in question. Ask me what was said and I wouldn’t be able to tell you, but it certainly grabbed everyone’s attention.

What I thought was a prolonged instrumental kick started the show, and I waited patiently for the singing to start. After about 5 to 10 minutes I noticed that there was just one microphone on stage – situated on the far right and stood up perfectly straight; it was around this time that I realised this was not going to be what I thought it was.


An organ effect on the keyboard gave off scary video game vibes, and I felt like I was hiding at the back of the crowd waiting for someone to jump out and scare me. The bassist of the group, Joe Branton, definitely has a lot of character about him when he’s performing – he bounced about all over the show and kept playing his guitar over his head, something you can’t deny is pure talent.

Branton stopped the gig to talk to the crowd close to finishing time, and let everyone know that they’ve recently just released a DOUBLE album, “do you know how hard it is for a record label to agree to put out a double album? Especially when you’re an instrumental prog rock band…” Admittedly, all of the songs sound like they’re rolled into one and I struggled to decipher a definite start and end to each one, but strangely enough I can see the appeal in a double album from these guys.


There’s no denying that Tim Walters, Chris Woollison and Joe Branston are all extremely talented musicians; they’re experts at what they do and the insane drum solo at the end of the gig proved just that. Another speech in German saw them off stage and left me, for one, wondering what the fuck just happened.

Words by Elisha Cloughton
Photo by JLawrence Photography

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