Band of Skulls homecoming

A sold out show was the only way Band of Skulls were going to do their homecoming gig, and no one should’ve expected any less. A sea of familiar faces flooded The Joiners for a show as intimate as they come, and what a buzz it was to be a part of the band’s first show in Southampton since November 2016.

Support came from acoustic duo Pegasuses, who lured the crowd in with their soft, somewhat folky sound. Performing songs from their recently released debut EP ‘flyover’, they were definitely the calm before the storm.

‘Sweet Sour’ was the perfect show opener, not too heavy but not too slow, and allowed the audience to get involved from the very beginning. Although a few songs into the set, lead vocalist Russell Marsden made it apparent that he wasn’t very happy with the crowd; “it’s like a fucking library in here!” It seemed to take a while, but halfway through the set things really started to take off.


Russell consistently got involved with the crowd, going right to the front of the stage and playing his guitar to, and over the heads of, those that were closest. Debuting a new song called ‘Love is All You Love’; the band dedicated it to The Joiners for their 50th birthday, stating “love is all you’ve got.”

The rapport between the band and the crowd was recognisable throughout, and it was clear to see that everyone involved was happy that Band of Skulls were finally back performing in their hometown. Russell mocked the idea of going off stage before returning to do a few more songs, “just imagine we went off for an encore blah blah blah…” which led to the crowd jokingly chanting “THREE MORE SONGS” as if they were nowhere to be seen.


‘Light of the Morning’ and ‘Death by Diamonds and Pearls’ brought the gig to a close, and the band shouting “hashtag mush!” before leaving the stage goes to show they haven’t forgotten their roots.

Words by Elisha Cloughton
Photo by JLawrence Photography

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